Grow Your Business, Diversify Your Services
& Become Global Without Extra Investment

itialuS Global Network is one of the largest global financial and corporate services networks, composed of expert accounting, consulting, and auditing firms. Members of the network are part of the outsourcing concept, and each one of them acts as a back-office for itialuS’ offices worldwide, providing many services – not only to the local market, but to global clients as well.

itialuS Global provides companies across various markets and industries with cloud-based software tools to join the digital transformation initiative, where multinational businesses can expect the same consistent standards of service quality, delivery, and commitment.

itialuS Global’s vision is to become a globally reliable, effective, safe, and cost-effective provider of quality innovative Business Process Outsourcing for Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance, and Tax Recovery services that satisfy unmet management needs.

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  • Why Outsourcing?
  • Why Franchising?

An International Trend

  • 59% of business leaders have benefited from cost-cutting by using outsourcing processes.
  • $92.5bn was the size of the global outsourcing market in 2019.
  • 95% of SMEs have adopted cloud technologies for outsourcing purposes.
  • 68% of America’s largest businesses now deploy outsourced accounting, resulting in significant savings.


  • Share knowledge and collaborate with like-minded professionals
  • Seamlessly access new business opportunities and global markets
  • Join a professional community of skilled consultants around the world
  • Benefit from country-specific advice and support for international clients
  • Grow your service offering with instant access to a global resource pool
  • Utilize international resources to increase your cost efficiencies and competitive advantage
  • Targets previously unattainable sectors and clients.
  • Improves cost efficiencies with access to a global resource pool
  • Advertises services to other firms
  • Attracts businesses with international requirements
  • Attracts experienced staff through stronger international presence
  • Improves customer retention through a wider service offering
  • Benefits businesses through an international brand image
  • Introduces businesses to new markets through local and international expertise

Franchise Vs Traditional Business Model

Particulars Franchise Traditional Business
Business Guidance Franchisors provide businesses with standardized processes and need-based guidance on all aspects of management and operations. No guidance is provided for businesses unless obtained from external sources (consultants, mentors) generally on a paid basis.
Marketing Material and Media Planning Franchisors handle centralized marketing and brand development, which saves time and cost for the franchisee. The business itself handles the entire process of marketing, branding, media planning, and campaign execution.
Customer Base Through a centralized global system, investing in a franchise grants businesses access to an established, loyal and international clientele. It typically requires significant time and effort for a brand to build a reputation and a customer base.
Service Innovation The franchisor continuously invests in Research & Development (R&D) to expand the company’s service offerings and capabilities. Time, effort, and money are required for R&D and service launches are borne by the business itself.
  • Franchising Value To Clients
  • Our International Vision
  • Our National & International Strength
  • What Network Services Do Member Firms Get?
  • Offer international services through a single point of contact
  • Adhere to international quality standards
  • Access seamless financial advice
  • Offer more competitive fees in comparison to other local firms
  • Benefit from a well-connected network for fast response time
  • Benefit from facilitated overseas operations
  • Receive specialized international tax advice
  • Become a top-tier international professional network within 5 years
  • Achieve a strong and reputable global network that delivers quality service around the world to international clients
  • Expand in size and capability by leveraging a larger range of services and investing in strong firms in major cities
  • Establish stronger interrelations by gathering firms into one national group
  • National umbrella encompassing all itialuS offices with a development plan designed to identify and focus on the areas that need the most support
  • Periodic visits from the Global Executive Director to assist offices in achieving their development goals
  • Efforts to strengthen the well-established franchisees while developing the new offices
  • Executive staff dedicated to expanding the network across strategic countries
  • Assistance with business development and referrals
  • Conferences at international, regional, and national levels, allowing partners to share lessons and develop new initiatives collectively
  • Training workshops on technical and commercial subjects
  • Transmission of all international business inquiries through the WallPost ERP Software

International Partners

Technology Partner


  • Established in the USA (2015)
  • Wallpost Developed itialuS Technology
  • WeyNek – Attendance App
  • Shovest Club – Online Shopping App
  • WallPost Software – ERP Software
  • Ushop Tax Free – Digitized Tax Refund Forms
  • Real-estate by WP – Real Estate App

Marketing Partner

Studio 88 Services

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Web Development
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • Photography
  • Videography