Accounting and Finance

Our financial services teams comprise of well-trained financial experts skilled at using the latest finance and accounting software known with WallPost, which is a web-based ERP. In addition, we utilize and comply with IFRS and GAAP standards.

HR Management

Human Resources Management is the strategic approach to the effective management of people in an organization to contribute to its competitive advantage. It is an essential process for corporate governance to facilitate effective entrepreneurial and judicious management and deliver long-term success for the company.

VAT Reclaim Assistance

itialuS' years of expertise in the VAT recovery process has enabled us to establish a set of procedures that ensure your claims are maximized and processed in the shortest time frame possible. We also ensure compliance with international VAT laws and manage VAT registrations.

Payroll Services

itialuS is responsible for creating payroll policies and procedures for clients and providing full payroll support including payroll management, filing, and issuing individual payslips.

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