Global Partners

Technology Partner: Smart Management IT Solutions

Smart Management IT Solutions (SMIT) offers digital transformation and innovation to enhance business processes, workflows, and productivity. Equipped with powerful analytical and operational tools, our software solutions are designed to give clients the managerial, administrative, and operational peace of mind they need to focus on their core strategic decisions and achieve their business goals.

WallPost Software

WallPost is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that allows companies to streamline their workflows and improve productivity on one intuitive, user-friendly platform. The solution automates day-to-day operations and provides real-time access to company data, performance, and statistics, facilitating faster and smarter decision-making – no matter the business size or sector.

Marketing Partner: Studio 88

Studio 88 is a fully integrated marketing agency that delivers innovative, creative, and holistic digital solutions to clients worldwide. Its dynamic team of in-house and remote talent combine their multidisciplinary knowledge with a rich cultural background and cross-cultural sensitivity to craft compelling messages and visuals that meet your branding, marketing, and communication needs.

Local Partners

Fahad Abdulla Anoohi