IX Summit of the Americas - Panama 2022

Sep, 22, 2022 | 07:10 AM
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Panama 2022 • Integration, innovation and global leadership - AIC

Panama, bridge of the world and heart of the universe, dresses up in 2022 to celebrate one of the most important events of the Inter-American Accounting Association, the IX Summit of the Americas.

The joy and enthusiasm that characterize us combine to provide them with a world-class event.

The IX Summit of the Americas -Panama 2022, will be held on October 5, 6 and 7, 2022. 

In the light of the rapid changes that have been manifesting themselves in all sectors of society, today, more than yesterday, we must adjust our dynamics to respond to those changes, where a new global economic framework requires a high professional level and continuous improvement.

This modern world, highly influenced by information technology, the combination of professional and interpersonal skills, allows us to successfully develop our work in the different areas of the profession, such as: strategists, analysts, consultants and advisors.

The challenge we have today is to learn to make effective the use of technological supports, which facilitate access to information and process it effectively for proper decision making.

Hence the theme of the IX Summit of the Americas -Panama 2022: integration, innovation and global leadership.

The IX Summit of the Americas -Panama 2022, will be an event of global quality, you can not miss it.

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