itialuS Licit Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Partnership in the Digital Transformation Era

Sep, 10, 2020 | 06:11 AM
itialuS continues its global service expansion

itialuS Global is delighted to announce its partnership with Licit Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an accounting firm in India, moving forward toward the digital transformation era.

Since its foundation in 2019, the company has been providing tax, financial, VAT refunds, and HR management services. Today, the company has two offices in Ghaziabad, one in Uttarakhand, and another one in Bengaluru, India.

itialuS Licit Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a partnership based on the core belief in the role of smart solutions and software in businesses and corporations. Together, both companies aim to broaden their markets and introduce the digital transformation initiative to new markets, which facilitates human resources and corporate management to business leaders and enables them to focus on their core businesses. Besides, itialuS’ expertise in different markets will allow Licit Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to understand the needs of its partner, and assign the right experts, consultants, and advisors to create the desired outcome.

“As a member of itialuS’ Global Network, our goal is to provide many different corporations and industries with smart software and cloud-based tools and introduce more parties to the digital transformation initiative. We’re confident that through this partnership, we will be getting closer to achieving that goal each day,” says XX, managing partner at Licit Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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