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Jul, 22, 2021 | 08:19 AM
itialuS continues its global service expansion

Who We Are

We are a full-service accounting firm specializing in financial management, management consultation, strategic planning, feasibility study, market analysis, capital reorganization, and insolvency. We gladly handle paperwork ranging from registration of a business to repatriation of funds. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals provides timely and highly personalized service to our clients. At DPJ&A, we understand the struggles and joys that come with a growing business and we take pride in helping you keep finances in order, freeing up more time to focus on managing your business.


Our Market Trends

Jamaica is friendly to foreign investment and operates a free-market economy. In recent years, the government has simplified the process of registering businesses in Jamaica; making it one of the easiest countries in the Caribbean to establish a business.
Foreign nations working in Jamaica are required to obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labour. Once registered to do business in Jamaica, foreign-owned companies experience very few restrictions on the nationality of directors or shareholding. There is no restriction on the flow of capital. Tourism is the main pillar of the Jamaican economy. However, the authorities are on a mission to let the world know that “Jamaica is more than tourism”. Among the growing sectors are construction, agriculture, supply chain management, call centers, and consulting.


Our Geographic Advantage

Jamaica is strategically located between North and South America. The region's number one transshipment port is located in Kingston, and a multi-billion dollar expansion to develop a global logistic hub is being spearheaded by the government. Kingston hosts a fully functional stock exchange market rated as one of the best in the world The spoken/local language is English and the island has two major international airports, and plans have been drawn up for a third airport for international cargo.


Our Culture

Jamaica is very rich in culture. The country houses world-renowned reggae music and prides itself with several entities in music and events production which attract thousands of patrons from all corners of the world.

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